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Tagaday global news database

Access Tagaday global news database through a keyword search function.

Execute your research simply in a few clics or enjoy our search engine advanced features, recognized by information professionals.
Manage immediately your query results among more than 400 millions articles, and select useful information to complete your files and media reports and answer all your teams’ needs.


Tagaday global news database specificities

Tagaday global news database is the most complete for French press. It includes weekly national and regional press, daily regional press, magazines and specialist press, radio and TV as well as bibliographies.The access to the Tagaday platform is an integral part of its features, and it is included in our global offer.

Press database

As a content enhanced platform, Tagaday offers an enrivalled access to all-right-included content, available as soon as 1am. The platform is enriched in real time of more than 400 000 media data every day, including a great number of press data (articles from print).

Press archives

Aday, more than 30 years experience in digital information.
First BtoB press distributor, Aday has built its offer thanks to privileged agreements with news publishers.

Media monitoring solutions

A lot of free media monitoring tools and alerts exist today that allow you to follow your company or organization news and major business topics.

As a rights-included-media monitoring provider of 30 years, Aday is an enrivalled media aggregator that offers practical and synthetic media monitoring tools such as the media report and the media review.

Print media monitoring

The Tagaday data base is enriched non stop and in real time with international and regional press articles, as well as with magazine articles, specialized press and editorial websites. This data base constitutes a press aggregator for all rights included contents. Enjoy all your press articles from 00h00.

Broadcast TV & radio stations

Tagaday ensures exhaustive and reactive tracking on your information: 390 TV and radio stations, 1700 hours of programs appended in real time every day. Our media service selects only daily subjects that interest you and rearrange them to match your keywords.

Web monitoring

Using keywords, Tagaday detects your information on more than 100 000 websites, blogs and forums. Compells of social media publishing are also available as threads and reports.