Qualitative analysis : beyond the media report

Tagaday provides tailor-made quantitative and qualitative media analyses to manage your activities more precisely.


Your qualitative analysis, the quintessence of your media monitoring

Realised occasionally or in a barometric way, the quantitative and qualitative analyses are the operational answers to the measurement and management needs of your communication activities.

The analysis is realised thanks to Tagaday fields of expertise: the Tagaday platform and the consulting teams, organized by services.

The AI at your impact analysis service

Executed from the Tagaday platform, the exhaustive retrieval of data offers more than a simple counting. The use of calculation methods specific to the media environment and the rise of the AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Aday production processes lead to a unique qualification of the data.

A team of experts at your service

All the data extracted is analysed by our experts who write an analysis report based on criteria such as : dispersion and media exposure, speakers, media discourse.