Technical resources

An appropriate structure :

120To of high availability data storage

A higly securised shared hosting including 12 storage bays on 3 datacenters

More than 100 services automatically deployed

A set of databases with more than 10 billion lines

In a self-managed network operated on a RIPE class : 212 subnets protected by 25 firewalls

A search engine for text, image, video and sound :

Tailor-made grammars

A metric and semantic metadata enriched indexing

Logged media bases that integrate geolocation

An AI environment of supervised classification

Datasets training validated by benchmarking tools

A unique media production :

The most important French press production for the last 15 years

66 000 minutes/day of produced speech-to-text, for an immediatly upgradable capacity of 450 000 minutes

All the formalised contents in a same XML format

Audiovisual production tools

Information program guide for 400 national and local media, TV and radio

A dictionnary of entities named in continuous updating, for an identification of people, brands and companies

Automated cut of the shows

Thanks to this whole of resources Aday provides high volume services :

A media-warehouse of more than 400 000 000 of informational objects (articles, dispatches, sequences, documents) and 300 000 000 of media graphic unities (photos, videos), integrally sourced and dated

Instant indexation (an integration capacity of more than 100 000 documents/minute)

An upward range of 3 million query users/day