Media Report designed for you

Analyse the impact of your activities and anticipate your next communication strategies thanks to Tagaday media report: an exhaustive, customisable and usable report by all of your teams.


The media report by Tagaday

What is a media report ?

It defines the analysis of your media impact (on traditional media: print, TV, radio, and editorial web) of your communication activities vs the investments involved.
It is an opportunity for your brand or organization to create a public relations report and to validate the efficiency of its communication strategies: a media report and its potential reputation benefits should be understood in comparison to the PR and advertising costs invested.Your media performance as well as your KPI result from this equation. Your KPI is mesured by your media impact vs the one of your competitors and by datas resulting from: the number of media coverage, to influencers, speaking time, etc. These indicators can help you better understand the impact of your communication strategies.

Media report : a tool designed for you

A media report is more relevant if it can be customized to your specific goals and issues. It helps you emphasize your past actions results, and anticipate or eventually adjust in real time your next initiatives.

You will be given 2 options :

Your tailor-made media report

Our team of experts from the media department realise your media report, including the data your specifically want to follow.

Create your own media reports

With these alternatives, Tagaday serves the precise monitoring of your activity in order to increase the value of your present and future media plan.

Tagaday creates your media review rights of use included. You no longer have to choose between reactivity and relevance.